By Alex White - November 10th 2009

Professional skateboarder Mimi Knoop is known for her stylish and aggressive approach to any kind of terrain you put in front of her. Always thinking on her feet and never scared to try something new, Mimi decided to start her own skateboard company called Hoopla (distributed by Skate One/Powell). Hoopla is the first just-for-girls skateboard brand on the market right now. In this industry a lot of people talk-the-talk, but Mimi Knoop is one of those rare people that also walks-the-walk. We at Dyla Magazine are proud to bring you up to speed on all the Hoopla surrounding Mimi’s latest endeavor.DYLA: What on earth is a Hoopla? MIMI: “Hoopla” to me is fun, creative, whimsical type of stuff.. It’s the fun part of skateboarding- the part that’s unlike anything else. Sure you have to get serious when skating contests, etc. but if you forget the fun, creative part of the skating process, then to me you’re kind of missing the point. That’s why I skate and why I love it. So, for those reasons we liked the name Hoopla for the brand. What kind of shred sled do you ride? Can we get a Mimi Knoop pro model soon? I ride an 8 inch wide board for smaller stuff… and I ride a 8 1/8th inch board for the big stuff.. Not sure about pro model boards- for now we just have the 3 different Hoopla graphics; two of which I heavily assisted on in creating. Do girls need different skateboards than guys? Definitely not! But it’s nice to know that there are a few board companies out there supporting the ladies in skateboarding... Hoopla being the only just-for-girls brand out of a major, established skateboarding distributor (Skate One). Who are some of your artistic inspirations? Hmm… I don’t have any particular artists in mind- I just like it when I see art that’s a little weird and off the beaten path (as far as subject matter). A lot of times when I make something I will just draw something random that pops up in my head. The more random, the more fun! Are you designing the graphics? Yes, I designed the Hoopla elephant and came up with the “Hoopla” name and logo. I also heavily assist with the board graphics, and tee designs as well. If we had a CB Burnside/ Amy Caron Indian reservation hotel boxing rematch, who do you think would win? I think I would have to say CB. Watch out Amy!! Do you surf, brah? I love surfing! I have been surfing almost as long as I have been skating.. Is slamming on a vert ramp more painful than getting water in your nose? Yes, slamming on a vert ramp is definitely more painful- but getting water in your nose is scarier b/c the ocean is big and unpredictable. When you slam on vert you usually don’t see it coming; whereas in the water you see a massive wave coming for you ahead of time and you think you might die before anything even happens! Who is behind all this Hoopla and what's the plan? Is there going to be a team? I created Hoopla with CB Burnside and the good peeps over at Skate One. Yes we want to put together a team. We are in the process of talking to a couple of girls right now.. We need some street skaters. We just want the team to be legit and respectable. Word associations: 1. Virginia - biscuits 2. Durometer - flat spots 3. Camping - redwoods 4. Unfair - boo hoo 5. Diamond - and pearls 6. Oceanside - home for now 7. Make-up - sometimes 8. CB - health food store 9. Ditches - fun 10. Everyday - coffee! For more info on all things Knoop, check out Mimi’s website: and

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